2.5″ 90° 316 Stainless Steel Elbow

2.5″ 90° 316 Stainless Steel Elbow

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Manufactured from high quality 316 Grade stainless steel to ensure long life and durability. Mandrel bent allows for unrestricted smooth flow and are manufactured with both exhausts and intake piping in mind.

Ideal for competition use, bespoke applications, kit cars or any custom exhaust application.

Mandrel bends can be extremely costly as the machining process designed to make the bends is very high, used mainly for performance exhaust systems. These bends can be welded by using MIG or for detailed work use TIG which can be polished for a seamless look.

Why Mandrel? – Consider a straight drinking straw, it allows smooth flow with no restrictions, once bent at 90 degrees the round diameter becomes a narrow slit which reduces the area and causes restrictions.

The bends can be used for any other engineering use, hand rails, architecture etc. due to the high-quality finish.


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